— Cambodia’s leading real estate portal — recently partnered up with The Khmer Times to produce a weekly liftout. The aim of this new partnership is to combine the online and the offline to reach even more people.

The natural progression

What was initially a real estate portal, eventually evolved into something much more comprehensive and bigger. Besides reaching more than 100,000 monthly views and now offering 360-degree tours, also started working with a variety of insurance companies, banks, law firms, and even valuers to purposefully position itself where it can make the greatest impact. This has enabled the site to evolve into a one stop property shop and real estate news resource.

The site now features more than 45,000 property listings which include over 300 new development condominiums, offices, and borey projects. It is now the leading real estate portal that not only provides property information, but also property news and market updates. The site’s evolution however, is very far from being over. The partnership with one of the biggest newspapers of the Kingdom, is a testament to that.

An unexpected partnership

Different were the reactions to the partnership, all with the same resounding question: Why is a digital group going into offline? To which reply is, “Why not?” is still a firm believer that digital is the future of marketing. But it’s primary mission is to provide the public with the most convenient source of real estate listings and related information in Cambodia. Therefore , it is not a matter of digital versus print. It extends beyond its own platform and into new technologies and marketing initiatives to reach to a greater number of population. This is not the first time that the company ventured into offline initiatives, and the release of the “Cambodia Real Estate” magazine – with 15,000 copies printed quarterly, is a clear example.

Taking an inside-out approach is the leading expert in online real estate of Cambodia, and knows the best and most efficient ways to attract foreign investors. However,  they also consider the fact that their clients also aim to attract the local buyers.

The reality is that even the internet penetration of Cambodia is growing rapidly, some local buyers and renters are still primarily consumers who are focused on offline. This is why the website places particular importance in using both media. They say that if they are able to provide more value for clients by co-producing a print publication, then that’s something they will pursue.

The website’s aim is to make property hunt experience as educative, immersive, and convenient as possible by providing both channels. This leads to happier, better-informed customers, higher quality leads, and more sales for clients. is no stranger to working with print publications. So, it will be exciting to see what new opportunities this venture produces for everyone in the market.