Papua New Guinea’s Number 1 Real Estate Portal

Hausples.com.pg is arguably unique internationally in that every major real estate agent in Papua New Guinea not only advertises on the portal, but their website and CRM system is also supplied by the business.


Initially overseen by 10 year Australian expatriate Brian Byer, Hausples.com.pg (tok pisin (the native language of Papua New Guinea) for ‘House Place’) was established by DCG in late 2013 as a provider of real estate websites, social media integration and customer relationship management systems (CRM) to real estate agents in Papua New Guinea.

DCG pursued this strategy with a clear view to digitising real estate listing data and building deep relationships with real estate agents as a precursor to launching a real estate portal.

In March 2014 the Hausples.com.pg real estate portal was launched and quickly became the leading source of real estate listings online in Papua New Guinea. Hausples.com.pg acts as an aggregator for the online marketing of properties for sale
and rent on behalf of real estate agents countrywide. The company’s clients include the major real estate groups in Papua New Guinea including Century 21 Siule, L.J Hooker, Strickland Real Estate, DAC Real Estate and Pacific Palms Property.

In terms of scale, the Hausples.com.pg portal currently has over 1,300 properties listed for sale and rent and generates over 1,500 property enquiries to over 50 real estate agencies.


DCG chose to commence operations in Papua New Guinea due to its substantial population (7.46 million people), vast natural resources wealth (total GDP exceeds USD $20 billion) and rapidly growing internet penetration (currently 9.4% and growing very rapidly thanks to a new 4G LTE mobile phone network roll-out that commenced in 2014).

In addition, Papua New Guinea has a chronic undersupply of housing which the government is aiming to redress via a range of initiatives, including a first homeownership loan scheme and land rezoning. These initiatives are giving rise to substantial property developments, with the government alone planning to build 40,000 new homes to house public sector

The private sector is also rapidly increasing housing supply, with a number of Australian, Chinese and Malaysian developers launching large scale projects, some of which exceed 500 homes.

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